Her story

I wish to illuminate the damage, the breakage, the fragmentation. Somehow, if I can make it beautiful, I can make it one again.

Anne de Carbuccia was born in New York and grew up between Paris and Corsica. 

Thanks to her native island she developed a keen interest for nature. Her father was the publisher and friend of many explorers of the time, such as Jacques Cousteau and Alain Bombard, and Anne spent many holidays listening to their stories of adventures often infused with scientific and cultural references.

She then attended Columbia University in New York City, majoring in Art History and Anthropology. In her studies she developed an interest on the era of human beings as a geological force, the Anthropocene, and on its dangers for the planet.

On a filming expedition to Antarctica, she conceived the Time Shrines, temporary installations created in symbolic environments that Anne photographs to create a permanent record. In the TimeShrines she combines 16th and 17th century still life symbology with her fascination for shrines as one of the first spiritual and artistic human expressions. 

After Antarctica she has made many expeditions, producing more than one hundred images for her artistic project One Planet One Future. With the One Planet One Future photographs Anne continues to draw attention to the current environmental crisis and to inspire people to change behaviors and habits contributing to it.