One Planet One Future


One Planet One Future uses photography, film and art installations to highlight human caused threats to the planet, including water scarcity, species extinction and pollution.




One Planet One Future exhibitions are organized all over the world and are free of charge.

Our permanent exhibitions in New York and Milan serve as centers for education, collaboration, and community.


JUN 21 - SEPT 10, 2017 / Moscow

MAR 31 - APR 12, 2017 / Milano

SEP 16 - NOV 21, 2016 / NYC

JAN 30 - FEB 28, 2016 / Monaco


What they say

As much as with the religious and political art of the past, each of de Carbuccia’s pictures is on message, each one tells a story, each is balanced on an edge between hope and despair, and God knows each is a story that urgently needs telling.
— Anthony Haden-Guest - Artnet
Anne de Carbuccia deals in beauty and inconvenience. Or aesthetics and ethics. Which can be double trouble.
— Benedetta Pignatelli - Huffington Post