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Talks, interviews and podcast


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UN Headquarters, New York City, March 2017. Anne's speech.

UN Headquarters, New York City, March 2017. Anne's speech.



04.09.2018 - Venice International Film Festival
Anne De Carbuccia about her documentary short film One Ocean, a special event in the Giornate degli Autori

01.02.2018 - Lifegate
Anne de Carbuccia talks about her trips to every corner of the world to document through art what we risk losing forever on Lifegate network

03.10.2017 - One Ocean Forum
Anne de Carbuccia as a Keynote speaker at One Ocean Forum


21.06.2017 - Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Photographer Anna de Carbaccia presents the project "One Planet One Future" in Moscow

10.03.2017 - United Nations Headquarters - NYC. 
Environmental artist Anne de Carbuccia's interview for her women's TimeShrine at United Nations


26.01.2016 - Musée Oceanographique de Monaco
Anne de Carbuccia at Musée Océanographique



13.03.2018 - Community. L'altra Italia - RAI. L’artista fotografa Anne De Carbuccia, presenta il progetto One Planet One Future

07.01.2018 - Kilimangiaro - RAI 3. Anne's interview for Kilimangiaro

06.04.2017 - Studio Aperto. Le reali cartoline dal mondo - One Planet One Future, una mostra che fa riflettere