Картины художника

IDDU, Cala Calcara, Panarea, Italy, July 2014

…Front and center in each is what de Carbuccia calls a Time Shrine, which she has built using whatever materials come to hand, importing just two elements, venerable symbols both, an hourglass and a skull.
As much as with the religious and political art of the past, each of de Carbuccia’s pictures is on message, each one tells a story, each is balanced on an edge between hope and despair, and God knows each is a story that urgently needs telling.
— Anthony Haden-Guest

CONSTELLATION 1 | Tobago Cays, Caribbean, October 2014

LIWA, DUSK | Rub’al Khali, Middle East, May 2014

HIPPOS AND FEVER TREES, DAWN | Oloidien Bay, Kenya, September 2014

BLUE STARS | Matan, West Papua, January 2018

RECEDING GLACIER 1 | Morteratsch, Switzerland, March 2014

ANTARCTIC & SOUTHERN ELEPHANT SEAL SKULLS | Iceberg, Antarctica, February 2014

SILK ROUTE | Nubra Valley, Ladakh, India, June 2015

FIREFLIES | Sagaponack, Long Island, Usa, August 2017